About CDEK

The Clinical Drug Experience Knowledgebase (CDEK) is a platform intended to explore every active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) with evidence of clinical testing. CDEK aggregates metadata surrounding APIs such as clinical trial information, clinical indications, organizations responsible for development, mechanism of action, etc. The intended use of the CDEK platform reaches far across the biopharmaceutical enterprise. CDEK supports research fields such as drug discovery, chemo and bioinformatics, clinical and translational research, regulatory science, etc. Industry applications aided by CDEK include competitive intelligence, business development, identifying trends within the drug development industry, prioritizing drug development pipelines, etc. The platform is intended to serve a wide audience with a focus on drugs that have made it to clinical stage development.

About CRIB

The Center for Research Innovation in Biotechnology (CRIB) was founded in 2014 at Washington University in St Louis within the vibrant Cortex Innovation District to develop further knowledge about FDA-approved medicines and to expand this knowledge to include other FDA-approved biomedical products, including vaccines and medical devices. CRIB investigators are also deepening our knowledge of the scientific, medical and commercial evolution of FDA-approved products. In early 2016, Washington University expanded its commitment to the discovery of new medicines via the creation of the Center for Drug Discovery.


Dr. Michael Kinch

Dr. Kinch helps lead innovation and entrepreneurship activities at Washington University in St Louis. In the course of his career, he has founded and led drug discovery enterprises in both industry and academia, including founding oncology at MedImmune, Inc. and founding the Center for Molecular Discovery at Yale University.

Upon joining Washington University in 2014, he founded and led the Center for Research Innovation in Biotechnology, which has cataloged and analyzed the innovation and innovators responsible for the creation of all FDA-approved medicines, vaccines, and medical devices.

Tyler Schwartz

Tyler is a software developer with a background in web and database development. He is a Computer Science graduate of Michigan Technological University (Houghton, Mich.). His interests include the gathering and presentation of large datasets and GIS.

He is the lead database & application developer for the Center for Research Innovation and Biotechnology at Washington University in St. Louis, and current architect of the CDEK platform. Outside work, Tyler enjoys gardening, hiking, and community service.

Zachary Kraft

Zachary is a web application developer with a background in Full stack web applications and experimental web architectures. He has years of experience working on cutting edge web platforms and solving complex programming demands. His main interests are working with open source web based technologies.

He is the frontend developer for the Center for Research Innovation and Biotechnology at Washington University in St. Louis, on the CDEK platform. In his free time he tinkers with research papers, 3d printing, and archery.

Data provenance

CDEK is primarily comprised of trial data from the AACT database, along with data sourced from various other databases including DrugBank, ChEMBL, PubChem, Drugs@FDA, EMA.

Inclusion criteria from each data source are as follows:

  • AACT: all interventions associated with any trial of type Biological, Combination Product, Dietary Supplement, Drug, or Genetic.
  • DrugBank: any compound that isn't labeled as experimental from the "All" DRUG GROUP release v5.0.7.
  • ChEMBL: any compound with a max_phase greater than 0 from the ChEMBLdb release v23.
  • PubChem: any compound annotated as having ClinicalTrials.gov as a source as of 2018-05-15.
  • Drugs@FDA: any approved compound listed in the database as of 2020-01-01.
  • EMA: any compound listed in the European public assessment reports as of 2018-04-24.

Download Database Export

Portions of the CDEK database have been exported for public consumption, and are available through a PostgreSQL data dump file.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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To contact us, please email at cdek@wustl.edu or if you would like to report an error in the data please use this form.